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CDs - "Sweet Time Dreamin," "Kimberly Kelly"

Image of CDs - "Sweet Time Dreamin," "Kimberly Kelly"


Sweet Time Dreamin (2010)

Track List
1. Every Bad Habit
2. Texas Weather
3. Ophelia (ft. Emily Gimble)
4. Cry Baby
5. Tell It To My Heart
6. When I'll Need You
7. I See The Want To In Your Eyes (ft. Stoney Larue)
8. Middle Class Money
9. My Biggest Weakness
10. Saw Your Face And Forgot (ft. Aaron Watson)
11. Eat, Drink, And Remarry
12. Ode To Dierks
13. Last Goodbye

Kimberly Kelly (2007) AVAILABLE ON iTunes

Track List
1. Gravy Train
2. All The Tears I've Cried
3. A Cryin' Shame
4. The Best Of Texas
5. I's Foolin'
6. So Far Out (w/Jeremy Watkins)
7. Just Friends
8. Foolish Pride
9. Runnin' Out Of Reasons
10. Amandolin